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"You guys were absolutely amazing and helped to make my delivery exactly how I had wanted it!...Anyone considering having these ladies as your midwives, Do it!!!! It was the best choice I could have made."


We are a small group of registered midwives dedicated to providing excellent, holistic, family centred care to women and their families. Located in the heart of Langley (Walnut Grove), we are close to our mothers-to-be and ready to be present, empathetic and empowering during this exciting and important time in the life of a family.


We strongly believe and trust in the power, strength and ability of a woman as she moves through her pregnancy, labour, birth and the early postpartum.


We are passionate about our midwifery care and are sincerely honoured to work with women and their families as they move through this most transformative and rewarding of life’s experiences.


We Deliver.




Welcome to our 2014 Babies!



Jacob, Peyton, Averie, Audrey, Kane, Paisley, Justus, Adam, Kevin, Cole, Rowan, Hannah, Kenzie, Jacob, Royce, Maddison, Griffin, Hayden, Lily, Ryker


Rose, Evan, Isla, Avery, Angelina, Megan, Milo, Dash, Kayden, Jesse, Calix, Lotta, Jace, Pieter, Matthew, Hudson, Slade


We want to share some of the exciting changes happening at Grove Midwifery Care.



As many of you already know, midwife Igna Hoebergen is on Maternity leave, planning to return to Grove on November 1, 2014. Igna and Ted welcomed their new daughter, Neave, on April 29th. Big sister Lois is thrilled.


Midwife Rachel Wisselink will also be taking Maternity leave at the end of the summer for one year.  She, husband Matt and daughter Anaya are welcoming baby #2!



After 22 years of practice, midwife, Jennesse Oakhurst will be retiring effective September 30, 2014. Midwifery in general and Grove in particular will miss the knowledgeable and compassionate care she has brought to women and their families. Jennesse plans to be swimming in the ocean and encapsulating placentas.


After being with Grove since our start in the summer of 2009, Nicole VanWoudenberg will be leaving in late Fall of this year after completing her Registered Nursing upgrade. We are hoping to see her at the newly renovated Langley Hospital Family Birthing Unit.



Grove will be welcoming midwife Leigh Sheppard to our practice effective September 1st. Leigh is familiar to many of you as she has been practicing in the Langley area since 2012 with the Family Health Clinic. She has previously worked in Ontario.


Grove will also be welcoming midwife Winifred Angus, who will be joining us October 16th. Winifred has practiced previously in Alberta and Texas. She is originally from Langley and is a mother of four.


Both Leigh and Winifred will be bringing exceptional skills, knowledge and care to our team, and we are excited to have them join us!  We will do our best to ensure that those of you still with us in the fall and winter months will have opportunity to meet them both.



The Grove Team!